Scott A Brodeur has over three decades of executive program management experience in the corporate and government sector. As an executive director of Occupational Health and Safety programs, Mr. Brodeur has a track record of proven leadership with diverse professionals, from legal counsel, doctors, nurses, psychologists, first responders and federal employees, to engineers, environmental scientists, industrial hygienists, health physicists, radiation and laser safety officers, technical labor forces and information technology personnel. He has led programs for Department of Defense level schools, six military installations, nationwide utility corporations, and NASA, focusing on health services, industrial hygiene, radiation safety, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and environmental regulations. As a leader of culture change, Mr. Brodeur drove policies & procedures that resulted in zero OSHA Recordables in 2015/2016 and a 0.0 Loss Time Incident Rate. Additionally, he has established Emergency Preparedness plans that received high accolades by the Department of Defense, the utility industry and the International Business Aviation Council.

His ties to NASA program leadership extends back twenty-five years. He led the personnel recovery efforts of NASA’s Mode VIII exercises, ensuring that NASA was prepared to locate and recover astronauts in the event of an over-water ejection and deliver them to definitive care. His distinguished career includes over twenty-three years of active military service in the United States Air Force and United States Army as a Senior Combat Aviator in which he has been awarded the Air Medal and Bronze Star.

Mr. Brodeur has briefed local and state representatives, governors, congressional delegates, SES’s, Commanding Generals at all levels, Under Secretaries of Defense, as well as the Chair of the House Armed Service Committee in successful efforts to secure and/or save program funding.